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Assimilation policy was a system of administration used by the French in their colonies (the system involves more on cultural change. This system of administration comes from French Language “Assimila” that means caused “to resemble”.

In order to build a strong nation they also needed to spread their culture (French Culture) in 1920s. This was a time when the French started to use this system in their colonies. The system was used in Senegal and other parts like Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria etc.
Assimilation policy started to fail in the 1930s and was replaced with the association policy. The factors for the failure of assimilation policy are:

1. Muslims rejected to send their sons and daughters in Mission Schools (thus it was not possible to introduce this system in these areas).

2. Assimilation policy was expensive to carry out and the French decided to introduce another system of administration which that was cheaper, association policy.

3. Since assimilation involved cultural change it was not beneficial to the colonial government (economic gain was less).

4. Influence of educated African elites who started to fight against the colonial government (they started to mobilise their fellow Africans against the colonial government.

5. Africans were highly exploited that is, in terms of natural and human resources hence they started to resist colonial government).

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