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The Features of Different Parts of the Respiratory System include the following:

1. Nose and nasal cavity:It has mucus and hair which trap dust and microorganisms

2. Glottis: It is situated in the epiglottis which closes the trachea during swallowing to prevent food from entering the respiratory system.

3. Trachea, Bronchus, and Bronchioles: They have blood vessel which have ring cartilage and mucus which warm hair and prevent collapse of respiratory track also they trap and fitter dust and micro organisms

4. Lungs:They are sponge with air space (alveoli) which is the main organ of mammalian gaseous exchange

5. Ribs:They are made up of hard bone tissues which protect the lungs from injury.

6. Intercostal muscles:They more antagonistically to allow expansion and relaxation of the thoraic cavity

7. Diaphragm: is the muscular sheet of tissue which separate thorax from abdomen

9. Alveoli: they are numerous in number; they are moist and thin membranes

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