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1. Ovaries; have several graafian follicles that develop and burst open to release/produce mature ova. Secretes sex hormones(oestrogen) which initiate/control development of secondary sexual characteristics
Produce hormones oestrogen and progesterone which prepare the uterus for implantation and subsequent nourishment of the embryo.

2. Oviducts (Fallopian tube); are thin narrow and tubular to increase flowing speed of semen containing sperms.
Oviduct are funnel shaped on the end next to ovary which enables them to receive the ovum. their lining contains cilia which propel the ovum towards the uterus. Oviduct has peristaltic muscles that enable movement of zygote/ovum to the uterus for implantation .fairly long to increase surface area for fertilization

3. Uterus; this is muscular for protection of developing embryo,has elastic wall that allows growth and development of foetus/embryo. Uterus has a highly vascularised endometrium that provides nutrients/gaseous exchange to developing embryo.

4. Cervix; has valves that close the lower end of the uterus to ensure continued pregnancy during gestation period. Also has narrow entrance/neck-like entrance to uterus that enables quick swimming of sperms to uterus.

Cervix has a “W” shape that fits well with the glands of the penis to ensure sperms are deposited at the right point.

5. Vagina; This is elastic and muscular to enable good accommodation or penetration of the penis thus proper deposition of sperms and for easy parturition.

Vagina allows menstrual flow also has sensitive labial walls which secrete/produce lubricating substances that ensure/enable/facilitate good coition. Vagina capable of considerable enlargement, due to elastic muscles, to accommodate baby during parturition

6. Clitoris a small, sensitive protrusion that is comparable to the penis in males. The clitoris is covered by a fold of skin, called the prepuce, which is similar to the foreskin at the end of the penis. Like the penis, the clitoris is very sensitive to stimulation and can become erect.has sensitive cells for orgasm

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