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1. Depopulation of Africans: The people who would have great leaders and empire builders were killed. It is estimated that over 15 to 30 millions of people were sold into slavery while millions died in the process being transported.

2. Misery, suffering and a lower quality of life for the people in East Africa. This is because they were reduced to commodities and could be bought and sold.

3. Destruction of villages and families and broken up by slave raiders and never to be reunited, this later resulted in to loss of identity.

4.Diseases broke out among the slaves, for example the Spaniards introduced syphilis which spread to other traders.

5. Displacement of people: Many people became homeless and destitute and stayed in Europe with no identity.

6. Disruption of economic activities: This is because the young and able craftsmen, traders and farmers were carried off, causing economic stagnation as the economic workforce depleted.

7. There was a decline in production of traditional goods such as coffee, beans, bark cloth and iron which greatly hindered the cash economy.

8. Decline of African industries, which also faced a lot of competition from imported manufactured goods for example the bark cloth and iron working industries.

9. Introduced of guns to the interior, which caused a lot of insecurity and increased incidences of wars for territorial expansion

10. Clans and tribe units, languages were broken and inter tribal peace was disturbed for example Swahili language replaced the traditional languages in the interior.

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