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1. Diffusion is the movement of all types of substancesfrom the area of their higher concentration tothe area of their lower concentration while Osmosis is the movement of only solvent or waterfrom the area of their higher concentration tothe area of their lower concentration through apartially permeable membrane

2. Diffusion can operate in any medium while Osmosis operates only in a liquid medium

3. Diffusion is applicable to all types ofsubsstances (soilds, liquids and gases) while osmosis It is applicable only to solvent part of asolution

4. Diffusion does not require any semi-permeable membrane while A semi-permeable membrane is a must foroperation of osmosis

5. Diffusion is purely dependent upon the free energy ofthe diffusing substance while Osmosis is dependent upon the dregree ofreduction of free energy of one solvent overthat of another

6. Diffusion helps in equalizing the concentration of thediffusing substance througout the availablespace while Osmosis  does not equalize the concentration ofsolvent on the two sides of the system.

7. Turgor pressure or hydrostatic pressure doesnot normally operate in diffusion while in Osmosis is oppossed by turgor or hydrostaticpressure of system.

8. Diffusion of a substance is mostly dependent of the presence of other sustances while in Osmosis It is dependent upon the number of particles ofother substances dissolved in a liquid.

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