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1. The British colonies were separately administered by an appointed governor from Britain, while the French colonies where considered similar to other provinces of France.

2.The direct rule involved separate administration of African colonies, as opposed to the assimilation policy which involved the administration of all African colonies as a federation.

3. The British colonies formulated the legislative councils in the colonies and discussed policy that governed the colonies. Thus the British colonies had no representative in house of commons. On the other hand, the French colonies elected representative to the chamber of deputies of France.

4.The laws that were used by the British in the colonies were those passed by the legislative council in the colonies, while those enacted in the French colonies in Africa were the laws created in France.

5. The assimilation policy made the Africans who were in French colonies to be French citizens and enjoy all republican rights. This was opposed by the British colonies, whereby no matter what position someone may hold in a colonial state, still he remained the subject of British colony

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