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The assimilation policy made by European countries that employed the policy in their colonies to consider their culture and civilization as superior to those of the colonized people (Africans).

The French believed that their culture was the best in the world, and that they had enlightened their colonies with their rich heritage of civilization. Some of the reasons for introducing the assimilation policy in Senegal were:

1. The four communes of Senegal consisted of 90% of mulattoes who emerged after the establishment of St. Louis in 1659, a trading post where many French traders (male) intermingled with African women; this led to the creation of light-skinned population (mulatto). Moreover, the mulattoes could be identified more with the French culture than that of the Africans, thus it was easy for the French to assimilate them.

2. The Africans in the four communes-Goree, Dakar, St. Louis and Rufisque were quite familiar with the white traders in their communes, thus it was easy for them to adapt with the assimilation system.

3. The four communes of Senegal had a higher percentage of the converted Christian; it was easy to accept the assimilation policy applied by the government in their country.

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