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Assimilation policy was a system of administration used by the French in their colonies (the system involves more on cultural change. This system of administration comes from French Language “Assimila” that means caused “to resemble”.

In order to build a strong nation they also needed to spread their culture (French Culture) in 1920s. This was a time when the French started to use this system in their colonies. The system was used in Senegal and other parts like Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria etc. The factors that led to assimilation policy to fail in West Africa are;-

1. Some African communities with strong cultural ties refused to accept the French assimilation policy and abandon their traditional way of living.

2. African traditional chiefs discredited the assimilation system because it threatened their authority and assimilees did not accept being under the African chiefs, as they regarded themselves to be superior to them.

3. Muslim disapproved the assimilation policy for it wanted them to become Christian, while they wished to maintain their Islamic faith.

4. The spread of Islamic religion in West African communes became an obstacle for the spread of assimilation system, since the system encouraged people to be converted to Christianity.

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