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A speech refers to a vocalised form of human communication. It may also denote a formal presentation on a given topic or subject. A speech may also refer to a formal faculty or act of speaking, expressing or describing thoughts, feelings or perceptions through the articulation of words. Speech is written first before presenting.

Normally, speech can be presented during seminar, graduation, workshop, political campaigns, report, project presentations, religious speeches, meetings, public meeting, ceremonies and functions. The following are the steps of writing a speech:-

1. Think on the purpose of the speech- why do you want to prepare a speech?

2. Think on the context and audience whom do you want to write a speech.

3. Plan for the heading/ title of your speech. The title/heading should be taken from the topic or subject given. It should relate with the event that takes place and requires a speech.

4. The title/heading should be very brief, clear and readable. It should be direct to the event/function that takes place.

5. Make a good introduction, starting with, greeting from the superior/guest of honor to the least people. Example; Honorable Guest of Honor,…,Your Excellency……,Secretary General…..Mr. president….., the highness…….., the majority……., etc. It will depend with the title/position of the guest of honor during the event.

6. After introduction/greeting, clarify a little bit about the event, clarify the function taking place.

7. The main body –concentrate on ideas as conveyed in the question/topic given, put each idea in a new paragraph giving examples and evidences. Observe a logical arrangement of ideas with good grammar.

8. If you have a guest of honour, address your speech to him/her, but if there is no a guest of honour and your speaking to general audience use the words’’ ladies and gentleman “in every beginning of a new idea.

9. Use appropriate vocabulary.. Do not use contractions example; I’ll, I don’t, we’ve, I’ve, etc.Use link words/connectors such as besides, finally, moreover, despite, on top of that, etc.

10. Give your own suggestion / view opinions on what you have discussed in your speech.

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