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Direct rule was a colonial system of administration whereby the colonies were governed by Europeans officials at the top position, Arabs Akidas and Liwalis were at the bottom. The Germans preferred this system of administration in their metropolitan country. The strength and weakness of direct rule includes;

1. The system solved the shortage of employment among the European population. For example, Germany offered employment to her people in the colonies she occupied. Hence, she managed to reduce the rate of unemployment of her people.

2. The system managed to suppress resistance, since it ensured that the colonies had enough white military officials to safeguard their interests. For instance, the Abushiri war of resistance of 1888 was suppressed by the German colonial administration. Some weaknesses of direct rule were:

3. The use of harsh and brutal means to make Africans meet colonial demands such as production of raw materials and paying taxes. Their approach led to many sufferings of the Africans that included death or imprisonment.

4. It undermined the pre-existing African traditional rulers. For instance, the German administration in Tanganyika removed the African traditional rulers, replacing them with Arab Akidas and Liwalis from the coastal areas.

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