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Assimilation policy was a system of administration used by the French in their colonies (the system involves more on cultural change. This system of administration comes from French Language “Assimila” that means caused “to resemble”.

In order to build a strong nation they also needed to spread their culture (French Culture) in 1920s. This was a time when the French started to use this system in their colonies. The system was used in Senegal and other parts like Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria etc.Implementation of Association policy was highly involving in cultural change as follows:

1. They built schools on their colonies that used the French language as the medium for instruction and French culture in general (educated Africans were made to behave like the French that they resemble French people).

2. Africans were given certificates that were used as an identity to obtain French passport. Evolved (those who attained certificate) were allowed to enter in France.

3. In order to blind Africans: French colonies were known as “Provinces” and not colonies. (Province meant outside France).

4. Europeans introduced provinces in Africa having the same name like that of France e.g. four province were introduced i.e. Goree, Rafisque, Dakar and St. Louis.

5. The four provinces were used as headquarters while in Dakar it was to act as headquarter of others under governor in charge.

6. They allowed Africans and Europeans representatives in legilco (in France). This was a guise to blind Africans.

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