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Interaction can be defined as the way in which people from a given community came into contact with another community. Interaction is inevitable among people because through interaction we was able to access different requirements. The following are the positive economic impacts of the interaction among the peoples of Africa are;

1. Development of technical skills and new ideas: Interaction led people of Africa from different communities to share their skills and ideas for economic growth.

2. Growth of new towns and cities:Interaction among African people led to the development of new towns as most of the populated areas grew economically due to the population increase and production activities such as trade and agricultural activities.

3. Foundation for future economic development:The foundation was made through improvement of infrastructures and social services which aimed to meet the socio-economic demands of the growing population.

4. Intensification of agricultural production to meet the demand on the market: Following the market demands for agricultural products as they were highly demanded then intensification of agricultural production was inevitable.

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