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The contact between Africans and Portuguese dates back as far as 15th Century: The Portuguese led by Vasco da Gama reached the East coast in 1498.They were the first Western Europeans to enter the Coast from the South.

The Portuguese managed to reach this region in their attempt to explore a sea route to India around the continent of Africa.The reasons for the fall of the Portuguese rule in East Africa are;-

1. Resistances: The mounting resistance from the coast by feudal lords and traders who wanted to protect their political and economic interests.

2. Attacks from the interior tribes such as the Zimba and the Segeju from the Zambezi Regions.

3. The rivalries from the Dutch and the English merchants who had interests in Eastern trade.This brought about competition.These rivalries reduced Portugal’s power in the East African Coast.

4. Portuguese weakness: Portugal was a small country without enough qualified and competent personnel to administer overseas business.

5. Tropical disease: The Portuguese suffered from tropical diseases and harsh climatic conditions.This made the area become unfavorable for the Portuguese settlements.

6. The Portuguese rule over East Africa ended in 1698 when Portuguese witnessed the fall of Fort Jesus in Mombasa which was their headquarters and one of the strongest Portuguese garrisons.

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