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Capacitor is a device which is used for the storage of charges consisting of two conductors, parallel-nearly separated by air or any other dielectric.Dielectric is an insulating medium used between plates of a capacitor. There are three factors which affect the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor, namely;

(1) Area of plates; an increase in the area of the plate causes a decrease in potential differences between the olatea, hence an increase in capacitances.

(2) Dielectric; if the air that is in between the plates is replaces with a dielectric materials such as glass or book or polythene, the area and distance remain constants. It observed that each time of different materials is used, the leaf diverge and hence the potential differences across the plates reduces

(3) Distance between the plates; the distance between the plates is varied and its effect on the leaf divergence. It is observed that the closer the plates are to each other ,the smaller the divergence and the lower the potential, therefore capacitance increase with the closeness in the plates.

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