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Population change can also be described as population growth. This is the increase (positive growth) or decrease (negative growth) in the number of the people. The following are the effects of population change on a individual level;-

1. A high fertility rate results in a large number of children that a family has to look after.Migration has its own effects on individuals in the number of ways.

2. Some individuals may change their life styles by becoming more sophisticated. This happens after gaining more skills and exposure to more sophisticated lifestyles where the individual migrated to.

3. When spouses are separated for long periods of time, this may lead to break up of marriages. Either spouse may engage in extra marital relationships during the period of absence of the partner.

4. Some individuals who migrate to urban areas lose their cultural values and this lead to immorality. Some turn to crime.

5. Some people saves lot of money from the income they get from working. The income is used to improve their standards of living.

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