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Surface tension is the ability of the surface of a liquid to behave like a fully stretched elastic skin. Surface tension enable insects such as mosquito and water striders to walk on water also it allow small objects even metallic ones such as needles and razor blades to float in the surface of water.

Surface tension is as a result of attractive forces between molecules in a liquid, the molecules belkiw the surface of the liquid have force of attraction between neighbouring particles. The following are the some of the applications of surface tension;-

(1) The cleaning action of soap (detergent in general) is due to it’s ability to lower the surface tension of water. For example when washing clothes , soap decrease the adhesion force between the particle of cloth and those dirt as a results the dirt is easily removed since both water and soap partiicke penetrate the pores o the fabrics.

(2) Mosquitoes normally lay their eggs in water. The eggs hang on the water surface , when a small amount of oil is poured on the water it reduce the surface tension, this breaks the elastic film and the eggs are drowned and killed.

(3) Hot soup has a lower surface tension than cold soup as a result hit soup spreads over a large area of the tongue hence hot soup is tastier than cold soup.

(4) Surfactants are also uses to make emulsion of two liquid like oil and water which normally do not mix.

(5) Soap bubbles that consist of a layer of water between two layervof soap film can have a large surface area because the soap acts to decrease the surface tension of water. This is how surfactants are used to enhance thevcleanbg ability of water.

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