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Biology is the science that deals with the study of living things. The word Biology is derived from two Greek words, Bios which means Life, and logos which means study of. Thus biology is a study of life and living organisms.The following is an outlines of why the study of biology is important:

1. It helps us to understand ourselves better since we are living things.

2. Skills and knowledge of biology can be applied to other scientific fields such as agriculture, forestry medicine, nutrition, pharmacy and veterinary science.

3. It helps us to understand our environment better and principles of conserving it.

4. Biology helps to answer some important questions such as, what do living things need, why do we resemble with a monkey, why do frogs lay many eggs but only few become adults?

5. Knowledge of biology helps us to improve our health since causes, symptoms, transmission and treatment are of various diseases are studied in biology.

6. Knowledge of biology helps us to avoid our selves from magical beliefs, superstitions and other traditional taboos.

7. Knowledge of genetics helps us to clear some common doubts about certain inherited characteristics e.g. albinism, sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia, etc.

8. Knowledge of the structure and chemical composition of the organisms enable us to acquire food, clothes and shelter from them.

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