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Astronomy is the branch f science that deal with study of the origin, evolution, composition, distance and the motion of all bodies (objects) and scattered matter in the universe. The word astronomy is derived from the Greek astro meaning “star” and nomos, meaning “law of culture”. The literal meaning of the word astronomy therefore is ” law of the stars”.

People who are involved in astronomy are knowns as astronomers.Astronomers study the objects that compose the physical universe, star, planets, moon, galaxiel and nebulae. The importance of studying Astronomy are as follows;-

(a) It was the earliest methods of measuring time. A day was the duration between sunrise and sunset while a mont was derives from phase of the moon and the year was derived from the changing position of sunrise.

(b) It was used to develop calendar that made it possible to predicts the seasons. The seasons were important in agriculture as they dictated the planting time and the harvesting time.

(c) It wasused in both land and sea navigation based in the knowledge of the position of the sun during the day and the stars at night.

(d) Astronomy to day help us to understand where the earth and the life it support originated from and how it evolved.

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