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Globalization is defined as the increasing process of interdependence and interconnectedness between different political, social and economic components of theworld. It is the way in which the world in seen as the global village. The positive cultural effects of Globalization are;-

1. Globalization has made diffusion of good international beliefs and values to the individual nations. Each community in the world including Tanzanian communities are struggling to archive those world cultural standards i.e. respect of human rights, and better living standards.

2. Through development of information and communication technology like the internet, fax machines, satellite and cable TV, globalization has managed to integrate all cultural practices in the world and have common cultural practices in the world and have common cultural practices such as sports, games and music.

3. Globalization has revealed out some bad cultural practices which have been performed by some communities. For instance, the issue of female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is globally condemned with great emphasis from different international agencies.

4. The expansion of the great world religious institutions particularly in Africa and Asia has transformed bad socio-cultural value into modern and acceptable ones. In Tanzania, the speed of the country plays a significant role in eradication of bad and unacceptable cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriages and harassment of women.

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