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(1) The pi bonds are weak because the orbtial overlap is partial.

(2) For a complete side ways overlap the ‘p’ orbitals should be parallel to each other. This is possible when all the atoms of the molecule are in the same plane i.e., there is no rotation of one part of the molecule relative to the other about the pi (p) bond.

(3) In molecules containing double bond, which has a pi bond, there is no free rotation and such molecules exist in isomeric forms of ‘cis’ and ‘trans’. In the ‘cis’ form the similar atoms lie on the same side of a plane placed along the internuclear axis while in the ‘trans’ form the similar atoms lie on the opposite sides.

(4) The electrons in the pi (p) bond are placed above and below the plane of the bonding atoms and so they are more exposed. They are more susceptible to attack by electron seeking or oxidizing agents. Hence, they are the most reactive centers in unsaturated (multiple bonded) compounds.

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