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Population data is the information pertaining to population and relate direct with some economic, social and demographic matters. The following are the some uses of population data to government:-

1. Population numbers and density enable the government to plan on low to allocate resources. Also the knowledge of population can be useful in solving land congestion.

2. Data birth and death rates as well as fertility and mortality enable government to plan how to provide medical services and health education, especially where the death rate is very high.

3. Data on migration can enable a government to plan how to curb influx of people into urban areas from the rural regions if corrective measure are taken, loss of man power in the rural areas would be curbed as well as reducing influx of immigrants in urban centres.

4. Knowing the number of dependents enable the government to plan for expansion of schools, medical and other social amenities to take care of large number of children below the age of 15. When the government has ideas about the number of the aged, It can budget for provision of welfare better.

5. It enable planning for creation of jobs, population census data provide information about overpopulation and underpopulation.

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