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Soil erosion is the wearing away, detachment and removal of soil materials from one place to another place through agents like water, wind and ice. Soil erosion leads to the followings effects both socially and economically:

1. Pollution of water bodies due to the introduction of materials eroded from the surrounding areas.

2. Loss of fertility which in turn causes the reduction in yields or total crop failure.

3. Migration of people from areas affected to the areas which have not been affected by erosion.

4. Over flooding of the rivers as a result of the creation of the small channels leading to the river system.

5. Soil erosion can lead and accelerate rock weathering by exposing the underlying rock to the weathering agents like temperature.

6. It leads to the cost incurred in during the process of conserving the soil, which has been eroded.

7. Soil erosion can destroy transport and communication systems like roads, railway lines and telephone posts.

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