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Ghana was one of the African countries that attained independence by the use of peaceful methods or constitutional method. Ghana was initially called Gold coast. In 1946 the British colonial government introduced what was called the Burns constitution.  There are various factors that account for a successful independence struggle in Ghana. It is one of the first African countries to attain independence. Ghana attained its independence in 1957:-

1. Absence of tribalism; There was absence of tribalism in Ghana whereby the political party, Convention Peoples Party was not associated with any major tribe in Ghana. The absence of tribalism made it possible for the nationalists to get enough support that was needed to present a common front against the colonial government.

2. Strong leadership; Strong leadership is one of the factors that enabled Ghana to acquire her independence earlier than many African countries, Kwame Nkurumah was a strong leader who was able to unite all Africans in Ghana and fight for one common cause that is independence.

3. Clear policies;The Convention Peoples Party that fought for Ghanas independence had clear policies and elaborates programs. The party advocated for better prices for peasants products high wages to African workers and getting rid of colonial rule. This impressive idea managed to get support of the people in the struggle for independence.

4. Common language; The use of English as a common language helped greatly to the independence struggle in Ghana. This language was known to almost all the people in Ghana hence they became aware about the objectives of the Ghanaian nationalists and gave them the much needed support against the colonial government.

5. Absence of many white settlers; There was absence of many white settlers in Ghana; the British had established a peasant economy thus they did not invest heavily. The absence of many white settlers made it easy for the British to grant independence to Ghana.

6. Good transport system; Ghana had relatively a good transport system which was helped by the small nature of the country. The transport system made it possible for the nationalists to move around the country campaigning to overthrow the colonial regime.

7. Popularity of CPP; The CPP was very popular in Ghana; the party had great support from the cocoa growers and the peasants and there were the ones who made up the biggest party of the population. The party became so popular that in the 1951 elections, it won 33 seats against the three of UGCC. Following this result a government and in 1952, he became the Gold coasts first prime minister. On March of 6 th 1957, the Gold coast became independent taking the name of the ancient Ghana Empire, In July 1960; Ghana became a republic with Kwame Nkurumah as the first president.

8. External forces; External forces such as the United Nations Organization rise of USSR and the USA contributed greatly to the independence of Ghana. The UN put pressure on Britain to grant independence to Ghana. The USSR pledged to assets all African countries in their struggle for independence.

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