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Tourism refers to the travel of people away from home to other place for recreation, leisure, religious, family, or business purposes, usually of a limited duration. Tourism involves visiting places of interest like wildlife, beaches, museums etc. Tue following are the positive impacts of tourism;-

1. Tourism has led to creation of job opportunities. Many people have been employed in the tourist sector, a fact which has helped improve their quality of life.

2.. It brings together people of different colours, cultures and religions.

3.. It leads to job creation in rural areas, thereby reducing rural-urban migration.

4. It has led to diversification of economies of countries involved in the sector. For example, tourism is now earring more revenue than agriculture and other sectors of the economy in Tanzania.

5. Tourism has enabled sustainable conservation of wildlife and the environment and preservation of cultural heritage and historical sites.

6. It influences development of infrastructure in host countries. In Tanzania, for example, roads to national parks such as Serengeti National Park have been improved .

7. It helped in foreign exchange, most of developing countries needs foreign money to run their development project and sustainability of budget of a particular country.

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