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(a) Western education; the few African who get colonial education on got higher respect than those who didn’t got, so western education replaced traditional education from them.

(b) Christianity religion; European introduced churches , holy bible and baptized people against traditional religion and those who ignored churches.

(c) Office work of European were more valuable than mammal African traditional work , hence they make many people who started yo praise and took for office work and despise traditional work.

(d) Western language; colonialist discouraged local language and replaced them by those of the Chiefs (English, French, Portuguese etc), this was very much inserted in schools and official areas by this way local language eventually.

(e) Importation of foreign goods, European manufacturer goods such as clothes, furniture, and their item ho market over African item local industries.

(f) Arts, colonial songs, dances, games and sports and decoration materials replaces those of Africans.

(g) Introduction of money against berter trade of Africans, money brought selling of labour and individualisms instead of communal life of Africans (helping each other).

(h) Western mass media, during colonialism mass media such as radio, magazine and newspaper spread out colonial interest and discouraging African culture.

(i) Western security and defence system against tradition arm for example sungusungu.

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