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Colonial education was the kind of education that was provided by the colonial government in African continent; Tanzania being among them during the colonial period. This education was formal where by students were supposed to sit in class to access education with a written curriculum. However the curriculum was prepared in Europe 19 th C-20 th C. The following are the impacts of colonial education in Africa;

1. Colonial education produced nationalists who led to African independence example; Kamuzu Banda (Malawi), Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya), Abdul Nassor (Egypt), etc. All those were the products of colonial education.

2. Introduced skills to students and pupils where learners of colonial education learnt many things and acquired skills for a short time because education provided by the colonialists had a defined curriculum. For example skills like reading and writing which could be used for communication worldwide.

3. Colonial education acted as a base for manpower preparation where by many Africans went to schools during colonial education had positions in the governments.

4. Colonial education resulted to killing of African culture (dissociation of Africans who got colonial education), colonial education alienated educated Africans for their own culture. For example educated Africans discouraged and disrespected anything indigenous and instead they praised European culture.

5. Led to regional imbalance where by regions with economic resources had more schools than those with less resources for example Kigoma region in Tanzania received less priority in education than cash production areas like Mbeya, Kagera, Kilimanjaro, Tanga etc.

6. Led to discrimination in African continent where by education was provided basing on sex, religion, race and class. For example Colonial education based on race where by Asians, whites and black each had their own separate schools, for example colonial Tanganyika Mkwawa High School currently college of education of University of Dar es salaam saved only the whites, likewise colonial education led to gender inequality where by colonial schools had few girls compare to boys for example in Tanganyika in 1956 there were only 204 girls in secondary schools out of 4409 students in secondary schools.

7. Resulted to provision of education basing on colonial environment. The African students were taught lessons about European environment and in negative and a little about Africa for example students in geography class were taught about seasons of climate in Europe which were summer, winter,spring and Autumn while those seasons were very strange to African students who are used only to rainy and dry seasons.

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