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This policy takes cognizance of the achievement, constraint and limitation of implementing post population policies as well as new development and continuing challenges. The achievement of both implicit and explicit population policies include the followings:

1. Considerable awareness of population issues particularly those related to reproductive health and child survival by the masses of the people for example fertility, infant and child mortality has decline overtime

2. Adoption of an explicit population policy in 1992, which recognised the links and interrelationship between population, resources, the environment and development.

3. Expansion and /or introduction of population studies in institutions of higher learning in the country

4. Increased number and capacity of NGOs engaged in population related activities including advocacy and social mobilisation, service delivery and capacity building.

5.High knowledge and use of contraceptive methods among both men and women and male involvement in family planning which has increased contraceptive prevalence from about 10 in 1980s to 16 in 1996.

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