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Chain Survey; It is a method of Surveying in which no angles are measured but only linear measurement is taken in the field by using a chain or tape measure.It measures a series of straight lines on the ground with a chain or tape measure and all fixed points relative to theline of traverseeither by right angles (offsets) ortie lines. The following are the importances of chain surveying:-

1. It is suitable for small areas of fairly open ground.

2.It is used to fill in details on a map whose large features have been surveyed by other methods.

3. It is used in mapping small areas of flat or near-flat ground and associated objects, for example paths, roads and railways.

4. It is used in adding detail to existing plans or large maps.

Advantages of chain surveying.

  • It is the simplest method of surveying through the old method.
  • It is suitable for surveying clear areas.
  • It tends not to attract attention.
  • It is suitable for surveying a flat surface on the Earth’s surface, for example a school compound.
  • It can be read easily and quickly.
  • It can withstand wear and tear.
  • It can be easily repaired or rectified in the field.

Disadvantages of chain survey

  • It is a slow method of surveying.
  • It is the oldest method of surveying
  • It is not suitable for surveying large areas.
  • More difficult areas cannot be chain surveyed.
  • Errors may be encountered due to the use of many chains and other reasons.
  • It is time consuming.
  • They are heavy and take too much time to open or fold.
  • They become longer or shorter due to continuous use.
  • When the measurement is taken in suspension, the chain sags excessively.

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