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1. Deoxribosenuclic acid its double strands while Ribosenuclix avid its single strands.

2. Deoxribose nuclic acid have high metabuc weight while RNA has low metabolic weight.

3. The nitrogenous base of Deoxribose nuclic acid are adenine, thymine, guanine and cytocine while the nitrogenous base of Ribose nucleic acid are adenine, guanine, cytocine and uracil.

4. Ribose nucleic acid manufacture in the nuclear and scattered throughout the cell while the deoxribose nucleic acid found in the nuclear.

5. Deoxribose nucleic acid are very metabolic stable while ribose nucleic acid less stable polynucleotide chain.
f. Dioxribose nucleic acid are constant within the same species while Ribose nucleic acid are vary in amount within the same species.

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