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Rock cycle  is the core cycle in which rocks tends to change from one type to another. For instance igneous rocks may change to metamorphic rocks or sedimentary rocks; sedimentary rocks to metamorphic or igneous rocks. It is relationship in which rocks tend to change from one type of rock to another. The following are the necessary Process of rock cycle to take place;-

First, the molten rocks are erupted from the interior of the earth and then cools and solidifies to form igneous.
Second, the igneous rocks are subjected to denudation process to form sedimentary rocks.

Third, either igneous or sedimentary can undergo metamorphism due to prolonged heat and pressure to form metamorphic rocks.

Fourth, metamorphic or igneous rocks can undergo weathering process, erosion , transportation  of  sediments which are further deposited in layers of ocean or lakes floors where they are cemented and consolidated  to form sedimentary rocks and vice versa.

Fifth, metamorphic or sedimentary rocks can be subjected to heat and pressure where melting take place and later cooling due to low temperature to form igneous rocks.

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