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(a) Sustenance of human life: the environment contains all the resources which sustain human life. This includes soil, water and air. Environmental conservation seeks to protect and preserve these important resources for continued sustenance of human life on earth.

(b) Protection of animals and Plants species.; Animal and plants play a very important role in the environment. These include the maintenance of ecological balance in the ecosystem. Ecological balance is a state in which the number of animals and plants in an area is just enough to ensure the continued existence of each other.
Human activities such as hunting, agriculture, settlement, mining and trade have led to some destruction of wildlife.

(c) Economic value: Most economic activities depend on natural resource. For example fishing depends on ocean water. For economic development to take place, natural resources must be protected and preserved to ensure their continued availability.

(d) Future generation: Environmental conservation aims at making natural resource available for future generation.

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