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The Brandt report was a recommendation of the commission to address the LDCs this report was written by independent commission in 1980 chaired by Willy Brandt the former chancellor of Western Germany, the report was international report with aimed to analyze the solution for the problems facing LCDs 1980 1987.

The report was up dated in 2001 by James Ovilligan who was a director of the Brandt commission report in 2001. It comprised 36 members from different countries as (i) Will Brandt (chairman from W. Germany) (ii) Abdala Hatit A. Hammad (from Colombia) (iii) Rodmingo Botara Montry (from Chile) (iv) Edwardo Frei Mauntalia (Chile) (v) Catherine Gruhman (from USA) (vi) Edward health (from UK) (vii) Amir Jamal (from Tanzania) (viii) Khadija Ahmed (from Malaysia). The recommendation of the Brandt report as follows;-

(i) The world economic trend need to be revived whereby the solutions and strategies need to be urgently (important) implemented in orderto reduce the growing gap between North (rich) and south (poor).

(ii) Cooperations between countries should be of mutual interest and there should be a tool to create a change and facilitate worldwide growth.

(iii) Emphasis on mutual interest between developed and developing nation to deal with very important issues with threatening human kind must be carried out by the international community.

(iv) Reject the view on the role of developed countries to supply to the LDCs for their benefit instead the rich countries must participate themselves to being economic growth of the LDCs.

(v) Emphasis should be on fair ground between the poor and the rich. This should be accompanied by granting the South political and economic independence and discourage protectionism with the rich (Northern) use to restrict the South to access the world market this will enable the South (poor) to developed and have the final say in the world market.

(vi) Establish society based on international justice which would promote world peace, security and disarmament especially in developing countries so as the world should be a place to live without fear of weapons.

(vii) To ensure good environment for political and economic growth in both north and south.

(viii) Undertaking actions programs which would include short and long term program for dealing with poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

(ix) To end mass hunger, famine and maturation by improving agricultural sector through undertaking agrarizin reforms in order to ensure food security and food should be increased.

(x) To control population growth by controlling birthrate especially in LDCs but also refugees problem in the LDCs should be also controlled.

(xi) Insist on industrialization in order to boost economic development and the development of science and technology especially in the LDCs.

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