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The functions of settlement describe all the activities that occur in it, there are three common functional classification of settlement rural settlement and institutional settlement. Settlements established for a specific purpose. In this aspect there are categories which includes.

(1) Market towns;- Originate as centres for sale and distribution

(2) Mining towns;- are located in areas that contain a supply of natural resources such as coal, diamond and tin.

(3) Manufacturing and industrial towns;- grown around the source of raw materials often in conjuction with mining towns.

(4) Route centres;- located at nodal points that develop from the transportation of raw materials for processing of manufactured products to the marketing centres.

(5) Administrative centres;- Involve settlement that are strategically well placed to combine several functions and provide a administrative services on a regional or national basis.

(6) Port centres;- The original function of ports is the settlement of raw materials, goods and passengers with development of national and international trade, such centres have naturally acquired additional functions like business.

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