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These wars were the manifestation of inherent conflict between the Arabs nations and the Jewish due to the question of land on Palestine. On the other hand the Jewish were on the defense motive to restore their land which they grabbed from the Palestinians. The main causes of Arabs-Jewish wars as follows:

1. Proclamation of Israel state (1947) (1948) implemented: The united nation resolved the decision to divide Palestine and declared the independent stateof Israel. There fare the Arab would denied the existence of Israel state on Arab land hence the act break of the wars.

2. Jewish expansion on Arab land: The influx of Jewish settlers began during the rule of British on Palestine therefore before British withdraw all from Palestine, Jewish invaded Tiberias (April 19, 1948), Haifa (April Jaffa (April 28), The Arab quarters in Jerusalem (April 30), Beisan (May 3) Safad (May 10) and Acre (May 14)

3. External force, Arab Jewish war was influenced by external forced. These forces involved the big nation fore example USSR and (Czechoslovakia provided weapons to Arab countries while USA Britain and France provided weapons to Jewish.

4. Religious factor, most of the Arabs are Muslims while the Jewish. Are Christians. The Arabs believe in Jihad, the holy war to defend Muslims and Island and the Jewish believe in crusade war. There fore conflict was inevitable.

5. Racism, Jews believe that they are superior race chosen by God and have the rights to dominate all interior race hence conflict. And on the other hand the Arabs land is an insult to their race hence they declared to defend the Palestinian Arabs.

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