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Neo – Colonialism is a situation in which a country is independent politically but still dominated by another country (usually strong and imperia list) economically, culturally, socially and even military with aimed at restoration (restoring) and preservation of the imperialist positions in the LDCs. This started after colonies achieve their independence in 20 th century up to 21 st century. The following are the suggested methods and solution to prevent the problems of neo-colonialism and under development in LDCs;-

1.Practicing the policy of self reliance by mobilizing our own natural and human resource, technology and industry so as we can avoid depending on abroad.

2.Establishing and strengthening economic integrations among countries in the LDCs with the aim of having opportunities for industrialization, creating the wider market and having the big sell in the big trade and monetary system.

3.Through the UN meetings and regular summits the LDCs must seriously attack and condemn Neo colonialism with its operation in LDC s.

4.Establishing integrated self sustaining national economies for the aim of this LDC s must be self sustained economically and reduce to much depending on the developed countries e.g. the bilateral agreement as Uganda and Libya stated.

5.Establishing local industries and developing those which have attend established and appropriate local technology in order to avoid total reliance of developed industrial goods and technology.

6.To establish our own multinational cooperations so that these multinational cooperations would be the solutions for the problems facing the LDC s economically like inter regional and international trade, market problems, provisional of aid, financial problem and grant problem.

7. Establishing strong internal linkages in economies among different economic sectors in the LDCs in order for what may be produced in one sector must be manufactured in another sector for the drop of LDC s e.g. between agriculture and industrial sector.

8. By getting control of our own economy through putting emphasis on the use of our own natural and human resources adopting appropriate technology in order to build up self internal economy in steady of depending from outside.

9.All LDCs should reject a western standard of consumption and living for both individual and all society because; the western standard of living and consumption are basing on exploitation of LDC s and their own poor people therefore any attempt of the LDC s to introduce western consumption and standard of living will led to creation of small classes of a very few people (the rich) to exploited the large class (poor).

10.By farming alliance of the poor nations in dealing with the developed nations. This will be the only solution to overcome the problem of dependence which face the LDC s e.g. the alliance of the poor nations will be in term of international trade, market, organizing labor etc.

11.By forming consolidating the regional and inter regional economic groups like COMESA, SADDEC, EAC, ECOWAS, the Arab league etc. in which these regional groupings should help to widen market, providing social and political development among the poor nations themselves without depending from the rich nations who use neo-colonialism to exploit the LDC s.

12.There should be development plans which will help the LDC s to develop without depending from the rich nations e.g. income policy, control major investment, import export development project, privatization policy etc.

13.The LDC s should reject loans, grants and Aids from the developed countries which had been the source of underdevelopment in the LDC s.

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