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UNO implemented the partition plan of Palestine in 1947 in order to createthe state of Israel The key objective of UNO to divide Palestine to reconcile peace among the Palestine Arabs an the Jewish Further more UN also was sympathized by the mass genocide of Jews by Adolf Hitler in Germany therefore creation of the Jewish state was an attempt to resque the Jews from mistreatment. The following are the impacts of declaration of the New State of Israel in 1948;-

1. It led to the growth of conflict between Palestinians Arabs and the Jewish due to the land question.

2. Emergence of suicide bombing attacks to the Jewish by the Palestinian Arabs.

3. Interference of USA and the western country to the Middle East politics and diplomacy. Mostly they intend to mediate/are conciliate are bring peace but internally to defend the Jews.

4. Formation of ant-Jews organization and military wings. These were formed by the Palestinians to foster liberation movement e.g.: P.L.O.

5. Officially it ended the British man dale over Palestine.

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