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These wars were the manifestation of inherent conflict between the Arabs nations and the Jewish due to the question of land on Palestine. On the other hand the Jewish were on the defense motive to restore their land which they grabbed from the Palestinians. The impacts of Arabs-Jewish wars as follows;-

1. Death. Many people in the Middle East died due to several attacks from both sides, many Jews and Arabs died.

2. The grab of Arab wealth by the Jews. Jews took an advantage of the war to grab Arab wealth during the war, these included livestocks and minerals.

3. Displacement of Arab settlement. Most of the Palestinian Arabs lost their land in the hand of Jews Example of West bank Gaza.

4. Increase of number of refugees, there was increasing number of refugees because most of the Palestinian. Arabs left their lands to the neighboring countries. (About 711,000 refugees). Example In Jordan

5. Disintegration of United Arab front opposition to Israel. After the war many Arab nations started to disintegrate to oppose Israel. For example Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel (Camp David).

6. Destruction of Arab economy, buildings and infrastructures were totally destroyed.

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