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The USSR with eastern bloc which climaxed in early 1990s had a lot of impact on arm race as elaborated below;

1. It led to end up of cold war which was a chief source of arm race between USSR and U.S.A.

2. The war saw Pact became incapable of making weapons and continue with race in making weapons. This led to the end of the war saw pact and USSR after its collapse which led to remain Russia also join NATO which was pure a military alliance of the west.

3. The socialist blocks after the collapse of USSR remained free from the competition of arm race and started to criticize and fight for disarmament.

4. The U.S.A is now the dominant super power in the world; which has increased her military capacity to highest level hence U.S.A has remained as UNIPOLAR calling herself as the policy of the world e.g. U.S.A has different military bases in almost corner of the world trying to defend and protect her interest which manifested itself in neo colonialism in the LDCs.

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