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During the period of 1919 up to 1924 the economy of USA in comparison to other nations was much stable this is because of the benefits she got during the WWI of 1914 1918 hence U.S.A benefited much in the WWI because of the followings;

1. USA was not participating full in the WWI. This made USA to increase her production because there was no fought in American land.

2. During the war U.S.A was the supplied of food stuffs, war equipment and raw materials to fighting nations. Being paid a lot of money U.S.A enjoyed a big and good market for fighting nations during war time hence she government a lot of money or interest.

3. By 1920 U.S.A had half output of the world coal extraction,¾ of the world steel,2/5 of the world oil oxidation etc. these enabled U.S.A to get a lot of money and profit from her selling, this increased the wealth in U.S.A and expanded market for US minerals.

4. From 1924 1929 U.S.A enjoyed economic boom, because of a lot of elements in the field of manufacturing industries and agricultural industries like Electronic motorbike, film industry, Radio industry and agricultural production also increased which led U.S.A to start looking for markets for her agricultural production in the world hence from 1920s 1929 U.S.A economy was much stable and led U.S.A to be known as a period of economic boom.

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