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Marshall Plan was European economic recovery programmed proposed by George C. Marshall (The secretary of the state in 1947 with the aim of helping (aiding) the war affected (ruined) European nations to revive their economics. The following are the significance of the Marshall plan;-

1. The plan consolidated US economic domination over Europe which made us to strengthen her imperialism with all her multinational co-operations, financial institution and military organization in Europe.

2. U.S.A was able to rescue war affected economy of Western Europe whereby Western countries were able to rehabilitate their economies. In this plan U.S.A with her open door policy towards investment and trading activities in free zones abroad become practical whereby the plan managed to make the colonialist to change their way of exploiting the colonies due to the fact that through this plan US come with another way of exploitation under the Neo colonialism whereby all the former colonies were exploited by U.S.A under the back door of neo colonialism.

3. The plan made U.S.A to start different military organizations abroad to safeguard invests in different parts of the world e.g. SEATO, CENTO, OCAS, NATO, OAS, and military bases established in Mombasa Kenya, Kuwait, and Pakistan.

4.The capital from U.S.A to European nations started to be re-invested in European nations to recover the effect of the war, also others were reinvested in colonies so as to recovery from economic crisis in the metropolitan and to enable the metropolitan countries to payback the debt to U.S.A hence it increase exploitation in the colonies.

5. The plan made U.S.A economic strength in the world which accelerated her to assume as a leading position in the capitalist world (superior power) replacing Britain. This led the financial center to move from London to Washington.

6. The plan made U.S.A to start offering not only money but also machinery, technical assistance and raw materials in different parts of the world especially in capitalist nation which all these strengthen the economy of U.S.A.

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