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Arms race, refers to the intense competition between nations to accumulate technologically advanced and military strategic weapon system. The most prominent instance of such competition was the rapid developed by the USA and the soviet union of more and better nuclear weapons during the cold war.

The term arms race its original usage describes a competition between two or more parties for military supremacy. Each party. Competes to produce large number of weapons, greater armies or superior military technology. Some of the factors for Arms Race in Europe are;

(i) The need to maintain balance of power among nations so that no one nations should military be threat to other.

(ii) The cold war that existed between U.S.A and U.S.S.R and their respective camps.

(iii) The developed world war was looking for more influence and control in the third world countries and other saw armament as a way of increasing that capacity.

(iv) Armed race was meant to scare other countries of the world and make them fear the big powers such as U.S.A and U.S.S.R.

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