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Census is the one which the people are counted according to their usual place of residence where only parmanenr of house hold are counted. 2) is the one in which the people are counted wherever they found on the day of enumeration that is, all people who stayed in five house hold for the night are counted. The following are the main limitations of modern census faced by developing countries;-

1. Census are very expensive sinve they involve training of manpower, transport, food and other operationfor their undertaking. There are problems of ommision of some of the member especially thise who tend to be absent during counting and poor coverage.

2. There are problems of misreporting especially of ages and underestimations of some of the aspects of population characteristics. Transport problems and remoteness limit the process of enumerating the member of the country. Political factor can cause problems in caunting the people especialy where thete are ethics groups, religions group, etc.

3. Poor framomg questions creates fear among the individuals who in turn fail to provide true information about their families. Low literacy levels amd poor co-ordination limit the process of undertaking censuses and tend to be inaccurate because of too much estimation, which end up giving vague informations.

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