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Soil erosion is the wearing away, detachment and removal of soil material from one place to another place through the agents like water, wind, ice etc. The effects of soil erosion on quality of life of people includes;-

(a) Famine and malnutrition; When the region is severely affected by the soil erosion, where crop production is impeded, when useful soils are carried away, the region experiences shortage of food. This causes famine and malnutrition. With inadequate nutrition child mortality rate goes up and population growth is impeded.

(b) Destruction of infrastructure; When the foundation of existing buildings and roads are eroded. Accessibility to areas is made difficult. Such areas are isolated in terms of social services such as hospitals and education. The general health and welfare of the people become poor leading to increase in mortality and lowering of population.

(c) Refugees; When life becomes unbearable in the rural areas because of severe soil erosion, able-bodied persons especially men migrate to urban areas to other better areas in search of employment.This reduce population in the affected areas as well as the required man power to develop the areas.

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