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Drought is a state on an area facing prolonged condition of dry without precipitation or a long period of dry weather. Drought and desertification have something in common in terms of occurrence and affects. The natural causes of drought are as follows:-

(i) Wind system dynamics. Wind system that are dry since have blow across very narrow water mass stretch cause drought as they have not picked enough moisture for rain formation; Example Harmaton wind of West Africa has contributed to the occurrence of drought condition particularly in the Sahara region.

(ii) Shifting position of the overhead sun: As a shifting of over head sun takes place then rainfall regime shift. It shift in the northern hemisphere there occur dryness in the southern hemisphere

(iii) Location of some place: Some place is located in the wind side of the mountains and therefore experience dryness. Good example is Namib desert

(iv) Natural fires: There is the fire caused by natural hazard like lighting of and volcanic eruption.

(v) Rain shadow effect produced by high mountain ranges.

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