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According to Karl Marx, construction of scientific socialism must be led by scientific principles these are economic base, mode of production, class conflict and class struggle, revolution strategy, agent of revolution. To built the scientific socialism the following principle must follows:-

1.Economic base: The contribution of scientific socialism depended on economic base of particularly society according to Max if the economic is weak do not dream to build scientific socialism but if the economic base of a particular society is strong the scientific socialism will be constructed base in a society were economy, therefore the poor struggle to achieve better economic situation but if the economic base is weak no struggle of the society.

2.Mode of production: This is one of the determinant factor for building scientific socialism because mode of production determines human nature at a particular stage & conflict tend to exist in such mode of production e.g. in capitalism exploitation, humiliation and segregation are very high this led to antagonistic class struggle between the capitalists and the workers so the class conflict in capitalism become sharper and sharp created a conducive environment for socialism revolution. Max concluded that scientific socialism is possible to be launched successful under capitalism because of its evils in the society.

3.Class conflict and class struggle: According to Max the production process determined the existence of class and class conflict which these two led to the rise of class struggle in the society and according to him the class difference and conflict is the result of economic factor or reasons therefore the class conflict. Class struggle and class are related to the questions like who produce what and who has got what. This resulted to scientific socialism in order to end the class conflict and class struggle which the result of capitalism and its evils in the society.

4.Revolution strategy: By revolution we means the total overthrow of the rulling class from power and those who were rolled by that ruling class, so Max wanted workers to have a clear strategylike what time should the revolution take place and where to start the revolution and who should take power after the revolution.

5.Agents of the revolution: According to Max scientific socialism must be led by most exploited and oppressed people who are the proletariat class because this class is the once which feels the pains of the capitalist like humiliations, segregation, oppression and exploitation. This class where they get tired of capitalism they must decide to overthrow the capitalism and thus why for Max the exploited class is the correct agent for the socialist revolution.

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