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Global warming refers to the unusual increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere which is caused by the green houses effect. Greenhouse effect: Refers to the situation in which the atmosphere traps and retains heat energy from the sun in the lower level leading to the rise in temperature. The effects of global warming and green house are as follows;-

1. The rise in temperature has led to the melting of ice in various parts of the world e.g. The cap at the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro has decreased in size due to the effect of global warming

2. The melting of ices has led to the increase of water in the sea and hence the sea level rises. As results of those phenomena some of coastal areas are flooded.

3. Global warming has led to the occurrence of strong storms in different parts of the world that kill people and destroy properties.

4. Some cold areas have become warm such that tropical crops are grown.

5. Disappearance of some animals and plant species due to the failures to adopt the abrupt in temperature.

6. Global warming has caused the occurrence of precipitation in other areas which is used to be dry due to the changes in hydrological cycles.

7. Decline of production due to drought and desertification process which then leads to poverty and death of people.

8. Spread of disease like skin cancer, malaria and other.

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