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Environment pollution is the introduction or addition of any substance or situation that is harmful or not required to the environment i.e. Addition of unwanted material into environment. Pollutant These are substance or materials that caused pollution i.e. Pollutant are material that pollute environment. The factors which led to the increase if environment pollution includes;-

1. Rapid pollution growth in the world especially in the thirds world countries this led to the increase rate of production of waste and problem in the managing of the waste.

2. The increase level of poverty in the developing country. This made people uses cheap energy resources that cause air pollution like charcoal and fuel wood. Rapid advance in technology that has led to the development of supplicated industries which emits a lot of gases and waste.

3. Development of transport network that has net to the development and increase number of cars that emits a lot of fumes smokes.

4. Increase in political conflict that forces people to keep on migrating from place to place end up polluting the environment as well as the use of bombs and nuclear weapons.

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