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Colonial education was the kind of education that was provided by the colonial government in African continent; Tanzania being among them during the colonial period. This education was formal where by students were supposed to sit in class to access education with a written curriculum. However the curriculum was prepared in Europe 19 th C-20 th C. The following are the some objectives of c l colonial education;-

1. Aimed at providing a staff of Africans with adequate capabilities of managing clerical and minor functions in colonial states; where by those who went to secondary schools were expected to civil servants and those who had primary education were expected to be good farmers with skills in crop cultivation and animal husbandry.

2. It was not designed to prepare young people for service of their own country instead it was motivated by a desire to inculcate the values of their societies.

3. Aimed at supervision of colonial economy like agricultural production so as to make Africa a market for European manufactured goods introduced in the colonies.

4. It aimed at import of the official ideology of the colonizers like learners were supposed to be obedient, well disciplined and time conscious so as to fulfill the objectives of the colonizers.

5. It aimed at deafricanization of African people because learners of the colonial education were supposed to follow western values and abandon African values.

6. It aimed at spreading Christianity religion in African colonies. Africans who belonged to other religions such as Islamic religion were supposed to follow Christianity in order to be admitted in seminaries and government schools.

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