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Interpersonal communication refers to communication which is primarily between two individual. Through interpersonal communication employees to all levels of an organization interact with others, secure desired end, requires or extend support and make use of and reinforce the formal design of the organization. There are four main factors which influence interpersonal communication;-

(a) Social influence: Since communication is a social process, a variety of social factors can influence the accuracy of the message which is communicated. For instance, in a school the status barries between employees at different levels influence their behaviour. The different roles played by different people in a school system will dictate the mode of behaviour between two individual.

(b) Interactional involvement: these refers to the extent to which one or both parties are involved in the communication process. It is important for both parties to be effectively involved in the communication process for the effective transmission of the message.

(c) Organization design: In an organization with many bevels the message is likely to be distorted as it passes through the various levels due to a number of reasons, in decentralized organization the distortion of the message is reduced.

(d) Employees perceptual process: The accuracy with which a teacher receive instruction from the headmaster or principal or any supervisor will deornd on the teacher’s opinion about the supervisor who is giving the

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