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Human immunodifficiency Virus (HIV) transmitted from one an infected one an uninfected one by the following methods:-

(a) HIV is transmitted through body fluids from an infected person to an uninfected one. This can occur through vaginal and anal intercourse as well as oral sex if there are cuts or tears in the vagina, penis, mouth or intestine.

(b) It can also be transmitted by hypodermic needles that are shared by intravenous drug abusers. The small amount of blood present on these needles after their use may contain the virus and is enough to infect another person.

(c) Another way of transmission is through the placenta from mother to child, or through cuts during childbirth or in milk during breast feeding.

(d) Finally there is a risk of transmission in transfused blood or with blood products such as Factor VIII used to treat hemophiliacs.

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